The Good Job Score Assessment Tool.

Your tool to truly understand job quality.

The Good Job Score assessment tool is designed to give you actionable insight into how your employees would rate their job. This page has everything you need to get started, use the tool, and determine your score.

Why use the tool?

Preliminary analysis indicates that a company’s Good Job Score is positively correlated with other employee engagement metrics and promotes key financial outcomes. And don’t worry, your Good Job Score is for you, not us. Your survey results will not be saved, shared, or used for any purpose.

Your Good Job Score is just a few steps away.

Step 1.Download our Administration Guide.

It will guide you through the steps to administer the Good Job Score Assessment Tool so you can gather insight from your employees to discover what matters most to them.

Download Administration Guide

Step 2.Download the 12 questions and distribute them to your employees.

This document is machine-readable and ready to be used with your survey tool of choice. Distribute the 12 questions to your team and collect the responses.

Download Questions

Quick Survey Tips

Step 3.Input your employee’s responses into this Excel template.

It is configured so that it will work seamlessly with the Good Job Score calculation tool.

Download Excel template

Step 4.It’s time to get your Good Job Score!

How to interpret your score:

5 indicates that every respondent rated the company positively on all relevant factors, while 1 indicates the opposite.

Compare your results with sample benchmark data to see how you measure up to other companies.

High variation among employees indicates a lack of consensus in responses and provides an opportunity to understand differences across employee groups or departments.