Invest in the value of the workforce.

Good jobs can lead to better companies.

If you asked employees if they had a good job, you’d get a variety of answers. But what truly makes a job good? Can you measure that? And if you could, how would you manage your business differently?

Introducing the Good Job Score Assessment Tool.

FoW Partners, in collaboration with PwC, designed the Good Job Score assessment tool to link what workers care about – job quality– to what investors and corporate leaders value – business outcomes.

It was created to be open for any company to use. The Good Job Score Assessment Tool provides management teams with insight into how employees would rate their job on four dimensions. You’ll learn where employees believe their company can improve and see how your score compares to other companies.

The Good Job Score Assessment Tool was developed in partnership with Two Sigma’s Sustainability Science team who provided research and data science expertise to help create and validate the assessment tool to ensure it was standardized, reliable, and scalable.

Our bold ambition: For the Good Job Score to become the core voice-of-worker metric for measuring and benchmarking job quality in companies over time.

Company Good Job Score
A new standard to measure workforce health.

Amplifies the voice of the worker.

A new tool to learn directly from workers and discover what matters most to them.

Simple to use.

With 12 questions to measure the 4 dimensions of a Good Job, we created a common language that’s easy to use.

Actionable insight to support decision-making.

The results inform actions that companies can take in an effort to improve job quality.

Designed to provide a valid score for any company.

A new measure that aims to be representative no matter the industry or employee.

We imagine a world where every company uses their Good Job Scorecard to help guide them.

The preliminary benchmark data was based on 5,800+ workers surveyed at over 60 companies across industries.

Good job score ranges across industriesGood job score ranges across industries

The results? Preliminary analysis indicates that a company’s Good Job Score is positively associated with other employee engagement metrics and has a moderate positive correlation with financial fundamentals such as free cash flow-to-sales ratio, current ratio, and profit margins.

If you want to understand the methodology we used to calculate the score, you can learn more at

What does it mean to have a “Good Job”?

We believe that Good Jobs aren’t just good for society, they are good business. Our definition of a Good Job was based on rigorous research that catalogued over 440+ metrics related to job quality and surveyed over 11,000+ employees.

Watch this TED Talk from FoW Partners’ Warren Valdmanis to learn why Good Jobs can be the key to building great companies.

This research led to four key dimensions of a Good Job:


Senior leadership has the skills, capabilities, and genuine desire to engage the workforce


The company’s mission and values are clear to employees and connected to their work


Employees feel they have the feedback, support and opportunities to learn and grow in their careers


Employees feel they are safe in the workplace, fairly compensated and have sufficient flexibility to maintain a work-life balance

How do you measure a “Good Job”?

The Good Job Score Assessment Tool evaluates our four key dimensions of a Good Job and uses a simple 12-item questionnaire with a rating scale of 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree) to create a standardized, statistically reliable, and scalable Good Job Score to measure job quality.

Download the Questionnaire

    • 1. When changes occur, senior leaders at my company do a good job of explaining the reasons behind them
    • 2. Senior leaders at my company seek and respond to feedback from employees
    • 3. Senior leaders at my company demonstrate a sincere interest in the well-being of employees
  • Purpose
    • 4. I understand my company's values
    • 5. I understand my company's broader mission and purpose
    • 6. I understand the link between what I do in my work and my company's mission and values
  • Growth
    • 7. My supervisor/manager has made a personal investment in my growth and development
    • 8. My company provides me with learning opportunities to develop the skills I will need for the future
    • 9. I have opportunities for career advancement/mobility at my company
  • Fairness
    • 10. My company pays me fairly for the work I do
    • 11. I have a physically safe and healthy work environment
    • 12. My company enables me to have a balance between my job and personal life that works for me
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Download our Good Job Score thought leadership to learn about job quality, why it matters, and what we’ve learned so far.

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Where are we going?

Our comprehensive research is ongoing as we continue to collect additional data and work with partners to help drive better jobs in more industries.

Contact FoW Partners to learn more about our research and share your feedback

Contact PwC to learn more about how to deploy, analyze and improve your Good Job Score

FoW Partners developed the Good Job Score Assessment Tool in collaboration with PwC